Máy phát truyền hình số mặt đất tiêu chuẩn DVB-T2 GatesAir


Low-Power UHF Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler

The Maxiva UAX/UAXT Compact family of UHF solid-state transmitters, transposers/translators and gap fillers builds on the proven foundation of GatesAir low-power systems and PowerSmart® technology. It provides today’s digital broadcaster with a suite of compatible products to accommodate any coverage application, along with unmatched performance, reliability and quality.


Software-defined Exciter for All TV and DAB/DAB+ Radio Standards

The new GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter provides broadcasters with a powerful, software-defined platform, enabling the ultimate in performance, stability and durability. Featuring unparalleled signal processing power, a smaller footprint and advanced Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) input capabilities, Maxiva XTE builds upon a strong legacy of groundbreaking technological advances, pioneered by several decades of GatesAir innovations.