Máy phát truyền hình số mặt đất tiêu chuẩn DVB-T2

SFT XE Series

This new series of Digital TV Transmitter Screen XET™(eXtreme Efficiency Technology) grants RF efficiency over 50% and overall efficiency up to 42% without decreasing performance in terms of modulation error rate and shoulders and with the well-known reliability of Screen products.

The new XET™ Technology allows stunning performances for broadcasting: higher efficiency, compact-sized and cooling systems reduction are just some of the improvements gained.

The Digital TV Transmitters FUTURE SFT/XE feature a built-in SFN adapter and very advanced SWDT® (Software Defined Transmitters) technology, to implement different modulation patterns – either digital or analog – (DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB, DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, ATV, etc.) in the same hardware.

SFT XE Series

Digital, Analog, and Dual Cast TV Transmitter FUTURE SFT Series is reaching the highest technology level in both TV Digital Signal Processing and RF domain.

TV Transmitters FUTURE SFT Series is the result of Screen’s R&D intense activity on High-Performance RF Amplifiers, combined with the new widely improved software precorrection capability and very efficient power supplies (>96%).

TV Transmitters FUTURE SFT Series features a built-in SFN adapter and very advanced SWDT® (Software Defined Transmitters) technology, that allows implementing different modulation patterns – either digital or analog (DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB, DAB, DAB+,T-DMB, ATV, etc.)  in the same hardware. Functional interfaces are available for complete remote control of the transmitters by serial protocols or TCP/IP ports, thanks to the internal Web server or built-in SNMP.

ARK X Series

The New ARK-X Universal Driver can be configured with just software selection and implements DVB-T/T2, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB, ATV modulations. It can be used as a Transmitter, Gap Filler, Heterodyne Transposer, Regenerative Transmitter, Dual Cast Analog + Digital Multistandard

The New ARK-X Universal Driver optimizes the investments of both international broadcasters, reducing the transmitter types, and national broadcasters, thanks to its versatility in operation modes and configuration.

Multichannel MCT series

MCT Series Multichannel Transmitter/Re-Transmitter
Up to 7+1 channels
Built-in automatic changeover. 2 configurations: 4RU & 2 RU. Output power available: 2, 5 and 10W rms

• Models available:
– Transmitter with Satellite Receiver and Decoder
– Multi Input (ASI+ SAT) Transmitter Seamless Switching.
– Gap Filler with echo cancelling.


Low-Power UHF Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler

The Maxiva UAX/UAXT Compact family of UHF solid-state transmitters, transposers/translators and gap fillers builds on the proven foundation of GatesAir low-power systems and PowerSmart® technology. It provides today’s digital broadcaster with a suite of compatible products to accommodate any coverage application, along with unmatched performance, reliability and quality.


Software-defined Exciter for All TV and DAB/DAB+ Radio Standards

The new GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter provides broadcasters with a powerful, software-defined platform, enabling the ultimate in performance, stability and durability. Featuring unparalleled signal processing power, a smaller footprint and advanced Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) input capabilities, Maxiva XTE builds upon a strong legacy of groundbreaking technological advances, pioneered by several decades of GatesAir innovations.